Taxes is not that bad

I just did my taxes and this year I had sent it a pincode to the belastingdienst. This made it possible for me to download the 2005 taxreporting software over the internet and it helped me through asking questions and I filled in the values it asked for. It was really easy and I was impressed. I still had to pay extra but at least not the €4000 I calculated myself… phew. Their slogan is that they do not make it more fun but at least more easy. So true.

How to follow the swedish icehockey team in the olympics from the Netherlands

At first I thought I could only follow it over internet via the radio but I later found out that dutch television is actually broadcasting 6 channels live over the internet. So now I surf into and go to the live broadcast from the olympics and tune in to Radiosporten at to get swedish commentary. The downside? The live video feed is about 5-30 seconds before the radio. 🙂
Why do MSN need to choose language from my browser settings? At least let me change it while browsing without changing my browser settings.