Homework and MSDN forums

I participate in the MSDN forums and now and then there are posts like a post today, where a user wants help with his/hers homework.
I actually did help in another thread but it seems as this particular users does not care about that but just want that solution served on a silver platter. I help where I can on these forums and if the questioners are too lazy to even do the basic research and try to learn from the responses I don’t care anymore.
I gladly help anyone I can but if they want cut & paste code for their homework I lose interest. This behaviour decreases the value of the people that really know everything they get credited and diplomas for. This is one of the reasons why I put little value in software development diplomas. It does not tell me how good you are at developing, just that you are good in taking tests.
I do not want to give the impression that there are no value in education, just that todays courses in programming languages say very little about how good the student is as a developer.

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