Frustrating application

At work I use PowerDesigner to work with the physical model of databases. It is a quite powerful tool but it is also quite bad, slow, buggy, non-intuitive, non-compliant. Almost crap in other words. 
It has a lot of important settings in windows that are canceled with escape without asking if changes should be kept or discarded.
When consolidating my changes it leaves me with a non-responsive user interface and takes more than 30 minutes, up to an hour, to complete.
I have been losing changes lately, resulting in generated alter scripts to be incomplete and the application is broken. I can see that I did actually do the changes necessary because we save a copy of the preview in source control.
Several times the model has become broken and I have had to get a older copy, track all changes since that copy and reapplied them.
Of course next version will be more stable and faster. I keep my PowerDesigner needs to a minimum.

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