Labor day and national drinking days

It is labor day and I have worked all day. After 5 years in the Netherlands I am getting used to having less days off. I think the difference is 3-4 days per year. So the extra day vacation I have usually ends up with less days anyway. Sweden has nice rules for holidays.
In Sweden we have the biggest celebration on the day before the day. Like Christmas eve, new years eve (eh, that is for most but we have it free too!) midsummer eve, thirteen days after Christmas eve. Why? Because we use the free day to recover from the hangover of course.
Yesterday was Walpurgis eve in Sweden. It is 30th of April, always. Because labor day is a free day and we can recover well from the hangover before returning to work.
Here in the Netherlands we celebrate queens day on 30th but if it is on Sunday they move it to the Saturday. Why? Because we can not recover on labor day of-course.
Plan well!

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