Free source control software

Since I have worked professionally with source control for some time it is something I want when working at home too. Since I use the express editions I have no source control from inside the IDE.
SourceSafe was what I used first. It worked but it has its limits. Would probably work fine for me as stand alone product. However, I have no license for that, I need something free.
CVS, well. I have tried it and never really liked to work with it.
At work we are using source gear vault. It is not working to well, slow and buggy. We are not using the latest version and they are considering options. Source gear has a free stand alone, 1 user version. I am aiming for free and tried to install it with SQL Server 2005 Express and failed. I probably should spend more time finding out what goes wrong but I am lazy.
Now I just installed Subversion with TortoiseSVN and it seems to be good enough for me. I just installed the applications and I got started pretty much without any further introduction. TortoiseSVN integrates nice in windows explorer and hopefully it will help me avoid losing and messing up code.

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