I just dont get anti-social drivers

I like to watch reality show on TV, especially traffic police. Why? Because I like seeing those that make the roads unsafe get caught!
Nobody has the right to risk anyone else life, that is also why I would not mind much about someone speeding on a empty highway.
Today I had several incidents, I got overtaken by a guy in a Volvo S40. I had just made a turn as was accelerating up to 50 km/h when this guy passed me at the same time as another car was coming from the opposite direction. This street was wide but he got unpleasantly close to me, I estimate it was less than 10 cm between our outside mirrors. I would probably not been able to get out of the car if we were parked that close. This was in Amsterdam and I think that stupid move of his made him shorten his drive time with about 1 second. Why take so much risks for almost nothing?
I wasn’t even going the same direction but I followed to see what else he would do. Traffic got more busy as we got on Jan Evertsenstraat after Mercator plein driving into Amsterdam.
Later I was driving from north of Amsterdam into the center. There is a lot of construction going on for the new metro line and speed is 50 km/h instead of 70 km/h. There are two lanes and I know the police like to have controls on this road so I activate the speed limiter to 50 km/h. When we come to the IJtunnel there is still two lanes but the stripe in the middle is solid, you are not allowed to change lanes. I know this part is also 50km/h as they had controls a few weeks back and I read about it in the news. I keep 50 km/h. First a guy in a Mercedes doesn’t like this and he passes me but he seemed to want to make statement and cuts me of really close.
What is up with that? I am not in the mode to risk getting any tickets, if he wants to speed he can break the law on his own but he does not need to cut me off and basically risk the life of me and my girlfriend. Stupid as he could just have overtook me and be done with it, without cutting me off.
The guy after him also had a need for speed. He was driving way to close and even flashed me with the lights as a signal for me to speed up. It was a middle aged man with children in the car. I ignored it, probably he was not aware that it is 50km/h in the tunnel. He could just have overtook me and left me alone but I guess breaking the solid line would have made him felt as a criminal and was happy with driving less than 10 meters behind me doing 50km/h.
Another incident took place where the A4 highway splits into A10 south/west. I had just come on it and was doing 80km/h as the car in front me was not driving faster, all of a sudden I see a car coming in the rear view mirror and he chooses to overtake me on the emergency lane. At least he was not passing me with only a few decimeters apart. A few moments later a Volvo overtook me, I just hope it was the traffic police.
At least I don’t felt as unsafe I did as I was driving to my hometown in Sweden with an oncoming snowstorm  with a crazy truck driver behind me wanting me to speed at a road construction site. The limit was 50 km/h and I was driving just above 50. He apparently thought I could drive faster and drove very close and flashed the light. I knew that I would be making 110km/h soon  and he only 90km/h. He probably knew it too, why make me drive unsafe so he doesn’t loose a minute or two?
The truck was for BR Leksaker and I guess it was in a hurry to ensure children get their toys, if a swedish developer or two gets killed while doing it so be it.
I would love to see a car that has put mine and any passengers life in danger being pulled over, now they all seem to be get away. I hear others fear getting caught by the police, I don’t as I am not breaking the law. The police is here to protect me, you and all other law abiding citizens.

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