How many beers does it take to install Windows Vista?

It takes 5 bottles of 30cl heineken to install windows vista on my computer. It takes way more to like it as I do not seem to get used to it.

In previous version it at least seemed to be the same system but with vista I just might have installed OSX or debian with X.

I feel as I have started from scratch when it comes to the UI and that is what most probably will feel.

Now I wish I get a replacement memory so I run on 1GB instead of 512MB, it swaps like crazy. I just might have to get out and buy a new stick of memory to keep my sanity.

I also need to get why I can not install the latest Windows Live Messenger, low on disk or virtual memory or corrupted cabinet. I just want to get a messenger installed…

Number of beers to get Vista installed with apps: Unknown…

MSDN Wiki beta

I just had a look over the MSDN Wiki beta.
It seems very promising for contributing information for other developers in a centralized location. I am sure it has been done before but really interesting to see it for a technology I use and support daily at the MSDN forums.
Now I can add a suggestion I made to the MSDN documentation myself! Unless it already is there… 🙂