Why I beta test Windows Vista

I recently installed Windows Vista as my only installed operating system. As a developer I want to get heads up on things and as soon as it was a public beta I started to backup all data to prepare to install.
It took me two installations to get it working so I could use it. I removed a network card that I wasn’t using anyway. It works well. I had some issues that both the nVidia and windows driver confuser the connected TV with my monitor but I seem to have worked around that issue by using the DVI output with an adapter instead of the VGA output.
At first I was really feeling that the user interface was not really for me. It took me a few years to start using the default XP UI even though I have used it since 2001 with the Win2K interface. The reason I want to get used to the default settings is that I want to be able to reinstall a computer and not have to spend hours tweaking it back to what I want.
I choose to beta test Vista as I most likely will upgrade and if I can catch issues and give feedback to microsoft now I might help me and others to get a better finished product.

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