Recruiters, yikes! (I am looking for a new job)

Some recent events made me aware that the direction my career is going is not where I want to go. Time for change and the best is probably to look for a new job so that is what I am doing. I did inform my manager of this and he made me rethink a bit why I am leaving and I will try to explain why but I do not think there is not much future for me in this company.

What is annoying me is to be called by recruiters that do not understand my CV, they want to offer me work that are for junior developers. I am not on a junior level anymore and they would most likely be surprised by what kind of salary I expect.

One recruiter wanted to know what other recruiters and possible interviews I already had. Too bad I don’t remember their name as it all was so pathetic. If they have interesting positions for me they speak to me first and let me know what company it is. If I am already presented to that company I would let them know.

Vista 5472 installed, looking good

I wiped my 5383 (public beta 2) Vista installation and installed the latest version I could get hold of, build 5472. July CTP. I had it for some time but it took a while for me to install it as I only use one computer with a single harddrive with a single partition. Now I have two partitions. 🙂
Installing this version was a breeze, what took time was to write the image to a DVD inside Vista! I used a trial version of UltraISO. Sorry for no business at the moment but it worked great and it is my top recommendation at the moment to burn the iso inside Vista.
Nero wasn’t even able to run and even after visiting the Nero site I was not able to find a patch or recommendation. Other users recommended Nero 6.6.x but I had no idea how to get to it. I even tried the Samsung site as they made my burner but no idea how to update my version to be able to use it in Vista.
I get it that OEM and bundled software are limited but I expected more than what I saw even though that I didn’t expect Samsung or Nero to help me, but it sure would have been a plus for them. A long time ago I bought Nero 4.7 (I think) but I lost my registration details. Probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.
Something new for this time is that my regular login is not an adminstrator on the local machine. This is how users might be running and as a developer I should do it too.
Vista detects when I am not allowed to do something and asks for password for the admin user. Cool! However it didn’t work to format a harddrive. It failed after I supplied the admin password, no permissions.
The 5472 build is better than 5384 but still some to go for release. The nVidia driver seem to work well but Vista is still not detecting a mass storage controller, if I just could figure out what controller is lacking proper drivers…