Recruiters, yikes! (I am looking for a new job)

Some recent events made me aware that the direction my career is going is not where I want to go. Time for change and the best is probably to look for a new job so that is what I am doing. I did inform my manager of this and he made me rethink a bit why I am leaving and I will try to explain why but I do not think there is not much future for me in this company.

What is annoying me is to be called by recruiters that do not understand my CV, they want to offer me work that are for junior developers. I am not on a junior level anymore and they would most likely be surprised by what kind of salary I expect.

One recruiter wanted to know what other recruiters and possible interviews I already had. Too bad I don’t remember their name as it all was so pathetic. If they have interesting positions for me they speak to me first and let me know what company it is. If I am already presented to that company I would let them know.

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