A new job and some Win32 shell API

I can not say that I write here very often but this time I have actually had a reason. I have been looking for a new job and found a really interesting position as developer at a options trading firm in Amsterdam. I’ll start there by 1st of november and I am really looking forward to it.

When I have not been busy looking for a new job I have had a project where I had to dig deeper into the Win32 shell API and use it from .NET 2.0 via interop. CodeProject is a life saver, not because it will solve all your problems because it usually has good articles that will help you get started. Although when it comes to windows shell API development in C# many like to cheat and do not actually use the Win32 shell API. I found this C# File Browser project that have helped me a lot in getting further with my C#/Shell API skills.

If you are into Win32 shell development don’t miss Raymond Chen’s blog, The Old New Thing.

Memory module errors can be fun and not so fun

I choose to have some Kingston ValueRam in my computer when I bought the parts. It worked great until all of a sudden my computer just blue-screened and rebooted. I had no clue what it was but it you actually read anything I wrote before you know it was the memory! Bingo!

When I learned that I went into fix-mode and had to contact Kingston myself. I received instructions on how to send it back for replacement. About a week later I had it! Kingston return procedures worked very well. I just wish I never had to return it.

I only have one main computer and I couldn’t handle to stay on the borrowed 512MB when I was about to beta test Vista (public beta 2) so I got me another 1GB module. Did I forget to mention it was a 1GB module? I had 1GB again and I wasn’t really expecting the Kingston module back anyway.

As you already know I got the memory replaces so now I run 2GB dual channel. With Vista I needed it but with XP I probably don’t notice much of it (so far).

Now to the fun part! I had been running Vista for a while on my machine and some other commitment had me install XP. I had a few strange crashes with Vista but I thought it was because it was a beta. XP also crashes but mostly ran ok. I reinstalled without trouble so I thought it was a temporary glitch.

I use Live Messenger so I tried to download it but I always got to a strange page with block characters, I could not read it. I somehow managed it to work and downloaded the install executable but when I tried to run it I again got unreadable characters. I examined the executable and it was for Japan!!! How did it manage to give me that executable?!

Some other events made me boot on my Ultimate Boot CD and I did the memory test, I had failed memory again and it wasn’t the Kingston. When installing on the good module no troubles and I got Live Messenger installed nice.

I had bought the module that failed in Amsterdam so I went to the store and got the replacement. If a program think you are from Japan, check your memory. 🙂

Why am I looking for a new job

I have had a really good employment with excellent salary and benefits but I am still looking for a new job. I have several good leads that I will follow but why would I even start look if I already have a nice job?

I think a job is much more than how much I earn. I am interested in what I do and how I do it. I am looking to move more into a technical leading role in projects and I wasn’t imagining myself to be able to do that where I was working now.

I am really looking forward to the more technical parts of the interviews as I have still only spoken to recruiters and non-technical people. Excellent talks but where I get to know if I will find it interesting is the technical talks. 

Three paragraphs all started with “I”, not bad. 😉

Don’t get me wrong on this one, I want to earn good money and I am willing to work hard for it but… money isn’t everything!