Memory module errors can be fun and not so fun

I choose to have some Kingston ValueRam in my computer when I bought the parts. It worked great until all of a sudden my computer just blue-screened and rebooted. I had no clue what it was but it you actually read anything I wrote before you know it was the memory! Bingo!

When I learned that I went into fix-mode and had to contact Kingston myself. I received instructions on how to send it back for replacement. About a week later I had it! Kingston return procedures worked very well. I just wish I never had to return it.

I only have one main computer and I couldn’t handle to stay on the borrowed 512MB when I was about to beta test Vista (public beta 2) so I got me another 1GB module. Did I forget to mention it was a 1GB module? I had 1GB again and I wasn’t really expecting the Kingston module back anyway.

As you already know I got the memory replaces so now I run 2GB dual channel. With Vista I needed it but with XP I probably don’t notice much of it (so far).

Now to the fun part! I had been running Vista for a while on my machine and some other commitment had me install XP. I had a few strange crashes with Vista but I thought it was because it was a beta. XP also crashes but mostly ran ok. I reinstalled without trouble so I thought it was a temporary glitch.

I use Live Messenger so I tried to download it but I always got to a strange page with block characters, I could not read it. I somehow managed it to work and downloaded the install executable but when I tried to run it I again got unreadable characters. I examined the executable and it was for Japan!!! How did it manage to give me that executable?!

Some other events made me boot on my Ultimate Boot CD and I did the memory test, I had failed memory again and it wasn’t the Kingston. When installing on the good module no troubles and I got Live Messenger installed nice.

I had bought the module that failed in Amsterdam so I went to the store and got the replacement. If a program think you are from Japan, check your memory. 🙂

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