A new job and some Win32 shell API

I can not say that I write here very often but this time I have actually had a reason. I have been looking for a new job and found a really interesting position as developer at a options trading firm in Amsterdam. I’ll start there by 1st of november and I am really looking forward to it.

When I have not been busy looking for a new job I have had a project where I had to dig deeper into the Win32 shell API and use it from .NET 2.0 via interop. CodeProject is a life saver, not because it will solve all your problems because it usually has good articles that will help you get started. Although when it comes to windows shell API development in C# many like to cheat and do not actually use the Win32 shell API. I found this C# File Browser project that have helped me a lot in getting further with my C#/Shell API skills.

If you are into Win32 shell development don’t miss Raymond Chen’s blog, The Old New Thing.

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