New job, new responsibilities, no new posts for a while

I have been gone for a while as I end of last year started to look for a new job as I didn’t feel that I grew professionally at my last employer. It was a great place to work at but I needed to be challenged with my skills and feel that I am working at my level or below it. If I work below my level of knowledge I will have to learn and that is what I love to do.

This is also why I have not have had the same amount of time to participate in the MSDN forums and write some code samples as I used to. I have been swamped with work and learning new things for the last 7 months.

I am now getting into my new role as technical director and a small company called Bluehorn and I will have more time to look into issues, problems and help out.

Though now I wish I had somebody help me with getting into ActionScript and Flash. I just hate the Flash CS3 IDE and I hope I will be able to work with the Flex SDK instead. I am a developer and I do not need a timeline. Open-mouthed