Fable 2 is here!

The sequel to my most favorite game on the XBOX is finally here! Fable 2 is released. Since I didn’t have an XBOX 360 I would not be able to enjoy it. I knew what the solutions was and it was executed a few hours ago. I am now the owner of an XBOX 360 Elite.

Though when I loaded the game it needed to be ran in PAL 60. My TV supports but it flickers a bit, will probably get a new TV set to avoid the flickering, don’t want to have a seizure while playing.

I just need to figure out how I get time over to play it. 🙂

Time to fix what is broken

In an earlier post I wrote about BlueSoleil. Why change what works? Well, Bluetooth on my notebook doesn’t work.

For some time now I have had that when I close any office application like Excel it would crash the application. Not a major issue and sent the details to Microsoft. One day when I send the crash report I get a message back that there is a solution for it. Yay!

My happiness didn’t last very long. The suggested solution from Microsoft was to update my WIDCOMM Bluetooth drivers. Eh? The Bluetooth driver makes Excel crash. Weird but that is how it is sometimes. Since I got a DELL I went to their web site to get the latest driver. I already had the latest so no luck there. I then went to get the latest WIDCOMM driver. I found it but it wouldn’t install, that driver didn’t support the WIDCOMM chip in the DELL.

Time to request some support from DELL and check if they are on the issue. They said I would get a reply in 24 hours, I got it 3 working days later. What did they recommend? Download the Toshiba Bluetooth drivers and use instead!? I have worked support myself and now that things may sound a bit weird but it will work. I got the Toshiba drivers, installed. No Bluetooth anymore.

It took me an hour to cleanup the system from the failed Toshiba driver installation. I never should have tried it.

Then I recalled my previous test of BlueSoleil, so I got their hardware checking tool and it reported it would work! I downloaded the trial and so far everything has been working perfect. Time to purchase the full version.

DELL Support… FAIL!
BlueSoleil… SUCCESS!

So little time, so much to do

Since I started my new job I have not had so much time over for helping around in various communities. This was never my intention and I would like it to change back more to how it used to be with me having more spare time over for what I like to do, help others excel in doing what they want to do.
This is why I most likely will terminate my current employment and move on, where I will have time over for more community activities.

Oracle Horacle

I do not care what company makes the software I use. I gladly admit I rather use Notepad++ than Microsoft’s notepad. Open-mouthed
For various reasons I needed to try out an open source application and it just happened to use Apache Tomcat and Oracle XE. Tomcat was a breeze to install and get running. Oracle XE was also really easy to setup and get running. Great!
I moved onto installing the application and got shutdown when it came to setting up the database. The automated process didn’t work for some reason. I tried to find help online, nothing. I tried to find help about Oracle XE. I found very little. I tried to find tools for Oracle, NOTHING. I ended up trying to run the scripts manually (in the hundreds) by uploading them via the Oracle web interface and running. Some ran, then I got an error on a package. No helpful message, just error. I checked it in the editor, looked valid to me. The software claims to be compatible with Oracle XE but couldn’t find any helpful resource on their site how to install it on just Oracle XE.
I am no fan of Oracle and my latest experience didn’t make me any happier.
Compared to the efforts I see from Microsoft with the Express Editions I only realize that Oracle with the XE edition of its database software is far behind. Nowhere did I find access to a similar tool as SQL Server Management Studio Express.
Oracle XE… FAIL!
Project.NET… FAIL!