Oracle Horacle

I do not care what company makes the software I use. I gladly admit I rather use Notepad++ than Microsoft’s notepad. Open-mouthed
For various reasons I needed to try out an open source application and it just happened to use Apache Tomcat and Oracle XE. Tomcat was a breeze to install and get running. Oracle XE was also really easy to setup and get running. Great!
I moved onto installing the application and got shutdown when it came to setting up the database. The automated process didn’t work for some reason. I tried to find help online, nothing. I tried to find help about Oracle XE. I found very little. I tried to find tools for Oracle, NOTHING. I ended up trying to run the scripts manually (in the hundreds) by uploading them via the Oracle web interface and running. Some ran, then I got an error on a package. No helpful message, just error. I checked it in the editor, looked valid to me. The software claims to be compatible with Oracle XE but couldn’t find any helpful resource on their site how to install it on just Oracle XE.
I am no fan of Oracle and my latest experience didn’t make me any happier.
Compared to the efforts I see from Microsoft with the Express Editions I only realize that Oracle with the XE edition of its database software is far behind. Nowhere did I find access to a similar tool as SQL Server Management Studio Express.
Oracle XE… FAIL!
Project.NET… FAIL!

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