Time to fix what is broken

In an earlier post I wrote about BlueSoleil. Why change what works? Well, Bluetooth on my notebook doesn’t work.

For some time now I have had that when I close any office application like Excel it would crash the application. Not a major issue and sent the details to Microsoft. One day when I send the crash report I get a message back that there is a solution for it. Yay!

My happiness didn’t last very long. The suggested solution from Microsoft was to update my WIDCOMM Bluetooth drivers. Eh? The Bluetooth driver makes Excel crash. Weird but that is how it is sometimes. Since I got a DELL I went to their web site to get the latest driver. I already had the latest so no luck there. I then went to get the latest WIDCOMM driver. I found it but it wouldn’t install, that driver didn’t support the WIDCOMM chip in the DELL.

Time to request some support from DELL and check if they are on the issue. They said I would get a reply in 24 hours, I got it 3 working days later. What did they recommend? Download the Toshiba Bluetooth drivers and use instead!? I have worked support myself and now that things may sound a bit weird but it will work. I got the Toshiba drivers, installed. No Bluetooth anymore.

It took me an hour to cleanup the system from the failed Toshiba driver installation. I never should have tried it.

Then I recalled my previous test of BlueSoleil, so I got their hardware checking tool and it reported it would work! I downloaded the trial and so far everything has been working perfect. Time to purchase the full version.

DELL Support… FAIL!
BlueSoleil… SUCCESS!

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