Beta testing Windows 7

I like new stuff and am part of the Windows 7 beta testers. I was a bit hesitant how I should use it in this beta test. I ended up backing up the data on my home computer and prepared to upgrade from Vista Ultimate SP2 to Windows 7 Ultimate Beta 1.

All I needed was the bits and it was quite some wait and avoiding all the other released versions (and leaked). Though a couple of days it finally arrived!

I must admit I was somewhat restless the days leading up to the bits being released. I woke up just after 4AM (CET) yesterday and had to check what happened. There was a notice from 3.58AM, bits available. I immediately downloaded both 32 and 64 bit version and saw it start to get it at about 2mb/s. Estimated 1 hour to complete. Back to bed and when I woke up for work I got it all. Now I hear there are dropped connections and slow speeds. I was lucky!

When I came home after work I started the upgrade, had to uninstall a few incompatible apps and then I was on my way. My desktop is using x64 version. I tuned in the the HV71 – Timra game on my notebook and let the upgrade proceed. After 2 hours it was complete and the very boring game ended 1-1.

Time to start testing. I was amazed, it worked really well and I decided my notebook would get the upgrade too. It took another 2 hours to complete!

Time for some serious testing!

EDIT: I just upgraded my computer at home to Windows 7 Beta 1 from Vista SP2 Beta. Works well so far. I’ll upgrade my notebook too.