Technology Specialist

Almost exactly 10 years ago I got my first and only Microsoft certification. I took and passed the exam Microsoft Certified Professional for Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Today I took and passed my second certification, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Now I just need to make sure it isn’t 10 years to next certification.


I missed a few

I went through my backup from the blog I had over at and notices I missed quite a few posts. I am not a very regular blogger but have managed to get a few written over the years.

These are the ones I missed to copy here:

  • How many beers does it take to install Windows Vista?
  • MSDN Wiki beta
  • Building Rotor (SSCLI) on Windows Vista
  • WebBrowser and the DocumentCompleted event
  • A neat little calculator
  • Dialogs that pop up while typing
  • Did you win the Microsoft Lottery?
  • Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1
  • Shell context menu sample in C#
  • Mobile phones used as boomboxes
  • Vista UAC
  • Visual Studio Orcas March CTP
  • Pentax Optio E20 quickly changed to Samsung Digimax S700
  • Making life easier with Vista UAC
  • Why are everyone bashing Vista?
  • Vista is nice, but not all the time
  • Vista is here
  • Catching WM_MOUSEWHEEL and redirect it in .NET (C#/VB)
  • Have you seen my january MSDN shipment?
  • Windows 7 Here We Go!
There are some interesting topics. I will add the backlog of these posts soon.