Setting up the content manager server…NOT!

Time to get back to installing Tridion in my virtual machine. This is to be able to learn more and to do some testing and development locally.

I setup the webserver and application server roles, with the required features as in the installation manual.

After having followed the installation manual it seem the only missing components are java, I decided to try to use the latest, 32 bit version, of java. Java 7u9.

First time running the installer, all default settings and complete installation. Though I opted to install into C:Tridion instead of in program files folder. It turns out I am missing a few prerequisites. Since I prefer to control the installation as much as possible I will go ahead and install them manually.

I did not manage to get them all installed and detected by the installer and went ahead anyway and hoping the installer would sort it out.

After having filled in all passwords for the various features I needed to add an entry in the hosts file for tridioncme as I named the site that. In IIS manager I remove the default website.

And I am stuck, the installer is for vanilla Tridion 2011 and I need a fixed installer to get it up and running on Windows Server 2012.

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