Private source control with TortoiseGit and Dropbox

One of the most important parts of a software development project is how source control is used. This is how you manage the actual resources of the implementation of your project. There are several options and I will describe how I setup a private source control repository using TortoiseGit and Dropbox.

There are free options to host your repositories online but they are usually also asking you to open it to the public. Great for open source projects but not if you just want to hack away on your own project.

I have come to use a solution where I create a bare bone Git repository in my Dropbox folder. Then I clone this to a working folder and use it as my home folder for development. I use the features of TortoiseGit to commit and sync any changes.

This way I can simply share a repository between my desktop and laptop by using Dropbox to sync on both and then clone the bare bone Git repository to a working folder on each computer.

This solution gives me all of the benefits of Git source control and I keep the repository on several locations as it is copied to both my computers and the Dropbox cloud storage. This fulfills the basic requirement for any professional software development setup.