Play audio remotely

I am currently using two computers on my desktop, one main computer and a laptop on the side working as a extra monitor, I control it via Mouse without Borders.

I am mostly using a headset when I am in front of the computer so to get the sounds of both computers in the headset I went looking for a solution. Initially I thought I would need some kind of virtual sound-card and then stream it to the other, it was much simpler than that.

I found SoundIt in the Chrome Web Store. It shares your audio via an easy to get to web site. After installing it I start it from the Apps in Chrome, setup to share my screen and open the URL I get on the other computers. That’s it! Sound it!

Mouse without Borders

I have most of the time had a multi-monitor setup and when I recently got rid of one of the monitors I started using my laptop as an additional screen to keep documentation on. This works quite well but it gets it gets a bit work to constantly switch keyboard and mouse to control the laptop.

There is a solution for this, a KVM switch. I have not had the best of experience of neither hardware nor software switches. They must have improved since the last time so I started looking for what was available.

I went through the usual suspects; Synergy, Multiplicity and ShareMouse. While some offered free versions (that I did not really qualify for) they all seemed to have improved over the years.

During my quest for the optimal software KVM for me I stumbled across Mouse without Borders. It set it up on my desktop and laptop and it has been working great for more than a day! 🙂

If you are using only Windows (10 in my case) on your computers it will probably get you started and if you notice you are missing a feature some of the commercial solutions may be a better option.

Re-installing GTA V without download

I am a Windows Insider and recently had to revert back to Windows 8.1 due to some issue with a recent build. I don’t really mind as I know I am testing and am prepared to quickly switch Windows version without much more work than reinstalling the applications I use.

I achieve this by keeping most of my data on services like OneDrive and Visual Studio Online for my sources. I am also using multiple disks where my system disk is primary for OS, applications and cloud stored data. My secondary disk is where I keep files that I could be without but that is easier too keep, such as game installs. With GTA V being around a 60GB install I would prefer not to download it again even though I have plenty of bandwidth, but why use something when I don’t have to?

I was not sure how to be able to avoid having to download the GTA V files so I made a wild guess and started the install in the same folder as I had installed it previous. It seemed to start to do a full download, which would take a while, but it is also possible the installer is smart enough to see the already existing files, well, if not here is what I did that worked out fine.

  1. Start install into same folder as existing GTA V.
  2. Cancel when it is downloading
  3. Start install again
  4. Choose repair option
  5. Tada! All done in a few minutes.

It seems the repair option skips downloading if it finds all files to be correct.

I noticed I restarted my progress on story mode, but my online character was as I left it. Pissed and high in the strip club.