Installing Windows Server 2012 (trial) in VMWare player

So I have acquired both Windows Server 2012 trial version and VMWare player. Time to install. When I setup the virtual machine I noticed VMWare player tried to be clever if I choose the ISO as CD driver directly, safest is to add it later when you are about to boot the virtual machine.

I choose to install the standard edition of Windows Server 2012, with GUI.

I then choose to do a custom install, using the drive as it was created by default by VMWare player, 60GB. It should be enough. That was all I needed to do to get installing, besides to agree to the license.

I choose the password to be Tridion2011, seemed to fit the purpose well and it will be the same for all accounts I create.

After installing it is time to update the OS and installing the VMWare tools, which fails. I guess I will have to do without them now as I do not seem to find a quick fix.

It sure is a hazzle to be able to download SQL Server 2012 Express Edition, with tools, in Windows Server 2012. But I managed to get it going and it is where I will end this session, which turned out more as a historic log of events, live while doing it. My intention is that with these notes I will be able to do it all over again, quickly, when the license for windows expires.

Tridion development

So I decided to also try to setup a (virtual) Tridion development server using all free and trial products. On advice from a colleague I am documenting this and I decided putting it all here would be a good way to keep it all documented.

I choose to use the free VMWare player and a trial version of Windows Server 2012 (developer) as the base of my virtual Tridion environment.

My target is to have a self contained image, that will be easily reinstalled, that will allow all and any development to extend Tridion 2011.